Boyens Wins 19th Snowboard-Opening in Kaunertal

The weather was not that fine as all of us would have wished for, but fresh powder on Saturday paid off the difficulties many of us had with reaching the galcier. Due to the loads of fresh snow the contest was postponed and was held on Sunday. The morning was clear and cold and the finals at the Opening in Kaunertal could be held at very good conditions. In the Jam-Session, which lasted for two hours and in which the riders could try as often as they wanted, the top eight rider of the qualification could compete with the 22 invited pro-riders.

The Old One is the New One

After his victory last year, the German rider Alessandro Boyens came to Tyrol as the title holder: with a few scratches in his face (a training accident) but totally relaxed he came as the prey to the Opening in Kaunertal. But the did not let him be put off by the other finalists and could again claim the victory with a perfect run and a newly learned trick. The Chillertaler Chris Kröll became second and the young talent from Wildschönau (also Tyrol), Hubert Fill, who won the qualification on Friday, was more than satisfied with his third place.

Result Men:1. Alessandro Boyens GER BS 9002. Chris Kröll AUT FS 93. Hubert Fill AUT FS7 / BS7

Alessandro Boyens:”I tried a new trick, which I had learned just a few days ago and it turned out to be a good run. I was lucky and won, just as I did last year. I could relax at the session and when I am relaxed it’s always good!

Chris Kröll:”It was a cool contest, the kickers were perfect and the landings were not too icy. I am always stoked at the Kaunertal and I really had a good time!

Hubert Fill:”It was my first Opening and the victory in the qualification on Friday made me very happy. I did not count on the third place in the finals and I am now totally satisfied!

Further Results:4. André Kuhlmann GER5. Sani Alibabic AUT6. Eero Niemela FIN7. Stefan Falkeis AUT8. Martin Sandberg SWE9. Vinzenz Lüps GER10. Gianluca Buvoli CH11. Michael Bacher AUT12. Simon Ax SWE

The girls’ contest was dominated by the German Silvia Mittermüller, who could have frightened some of the male starters as well. Her countrywoman Steffi Hamann became second just as last year and the also German winner of the girls’s contest in 2003, Vera Janssen, became third.

Result Ladies:1. Silvia Mittermüller GER2. Steffi Hamann GER3. Vera Janssen GER

Silvia Mittermüller:”Yesterday I even thought about not participating, but the conditions were absolutely perfect today. I like jam-sessions but the waiting period at the start was quite long. In my first run I could try a little and in the second I was able to show a good performance!

Exhibition & Party

The exhibition area at the glacier parking lot was crowded all weekend long and the visitors were curious about the new stuff and testet a lot. Numerous novelties, such as the snowscooter -- a snowboard splitted into two parts with a handle and with loops for the feet -- were tested.

At various exhibitors’ raffles souvenirs could be pocketed. Parties on Friday and Saturday lasted -- as usual --until daylight and longer. The bands GUTBUCKET and DISCONNECTED on Friday and Saturday’s acts -- BELVEDERE, THROW RAG and the MAD CADDIES -- celebrated themselves together with more than 5.000 party people on the whole weekend.