Boston Premieres Of Binary Code And Jump In The Fire

Friday October 11 at 8 pm there will be a FREE snowboard movie premiero extravaganza taking place in Boston. Massachussetts. Binary Code from Bendini Productions, and Jump in the Fire, from Iron Curtain Productions, will be making their way to 216 Tremont street for a one-night double feature.

Witness the superior X talent from riders such as Andrew Mutty, Shane Flood, Preston Strout, Charlie Morace, Liam Barrett, Scotty Arnold, Travis Rice, Luke Mathison, Nate Bozung, Matty Ryan, Jordan Mendenhall, Brian Barb, Eddie Wall, Danny Kass, Corey Smith, Robbie Sell, and several more.

There will be raffles both at the theatre, and at the after party as well. Playing the afterpary is the band Waltham, who is featured in Binary Code. They pretty much rock ass.

To get to the FREE movie premiere do this: by train: Get off at the Boylston T stop off of the Green line. Walk straight to the intersection of Boylston and Tremont street (it will be right in front of you) and go half a block down tremont street. 216 tremont is part of emerson college’s campus, and it is right across from the majestic theatre (216 is on the left side of the street).

If coming by car, just find your way downtown by the Boston Commons, park, find your way to the intersection listed above, and then go from there using your powers of reading directions previously listed.

There will be directions to the after party at the premiere, but for those who are eager: The bar is called The Linwood, and it is at 69 Kilmarnock street by Fenway Park, off of Boylston street. It is about a ten-minute drive from the screening.

Please contact Ben at with any questions regarding this, or other things in life. It should haul a lot of ass, so come on down and bring some humans for this fantastic event.