Congratulations to Lilian from New York she is the fourth of 8 weekly winners in the Because of Snowboarding contest brought to you by Burton and TW Snow. Coming to her soon is a prize pack full of Burton gear. She’s also a finalist to win a full head to toe Burton set-up and possibly a trip for two to Winter Park, CO or Baldface, BC. Check out her story below.

Go to to enter and you could be the next winner. Enter now before the contest ends Feb 1st, 2008.

“Because of snowboarding…* I don’t have any savings* I have a buttload of frequent flyer miles* I have a 5 o’clock shadow all the time (aka goggle tan)* it always hurts to sit* it doesn’t hurt to fall* I have abs stead of flab* my mom doesn’t worry about my mental health* my mom worries that I’ll become christopher reeves post superman* I have a reason to get out of the city* I know what mountains and trees look like* I appreciate the earth for all it is* I know Al Gore’s not joking* I recycle… everything.* my crews scattered all across the US of A* I have a crew… and we’re tight.