BOS Winner Week 2

Congratulations to Kirsten from Colorado she is the second of 8 weekly winners in the Because of Snowboarding contest brought to you by Burton and TW Snow. Coming to her soon is a prize pack full of Burton gear. She’s also a finalist to win a full head to toe Burton set-up and possibly a trip for two to Winter Park, CO or Baldface, BC. Check out her story below.

Go to to enter and you could be the next winner. Enter now before the contest ends Feb 1st, 2008.

“Because of snowboarding…I quit competitive sports and moved to the mountains to shred full time (with a part time job). After rowing for a d1 school, and training to compete for the national team after graduation, I realized that I hated it–the non stop competition, the grueling schedule–I decided I needed to do something I loved. So, I strapped my old feelgood to the roof of my old VW and drove across the country to Colorado. I haven’t been happier in years, and the season just started. Viva la snow!