Boreal Savings


Donner Summit, CA—Boreal Mountain Resort is busy preparing for another great year of skiing and snowboarding.  Its annual early-bird season pass sale is among the most popular events in the Tahoe area, and Tuesday, October 31 marks the last day to lock in the best price on a 2006/2007 season pass.   

The College Student Season Pass is the best pass deal at Lake Tahoe.  Just $99, the College Pass is valid Monday through Friday (including holidays) to any full time student carrying ten or more units.  Students must present current college identification at time of purchase.   

If you’re part of the daily grind, Boreal has the perfect pass for you, too.  Valid every night from 3:30pm to 9pm for all ages, the Night Pass is just $99.  With Boreal’s 100+ park features and superpipe as bright as day each night, skiing or snowboarding is now the perfect way to unwind after a long day on the clock. 

Only $199 for all ages, the Super Saver Pass is valid Sunday through Friday (some holidays restricted).   

For diehards who are ready to commit to an entire season of terrain park bliss Boreal’s adult Anytime Pass is just $279.  Kids’ Anytime Passes are just $99.  If the entire family purchases Anytime Passes at the early rate, kids’ Anytime Passes start at just $50!   Early-season pass price values are valid until October 31 and increase on November 1.   Visit Boreal on the web at to view the full list of season-long passes and values. 

New for winter 2006/2007, Boreal has added six additional night lights along the east side of the superpipe, allowing for day and night use.  The Boreal park crew will groom the pipe twice each day.  Specializing in providing a meticulously groomed, perfectly maintained superpipe, Boreal provides one of Olympic-caliber.  Excavated into the side of Boreal’s north-facing Racecourse Run during the summer months, the superpipe walls, shape, and length are measured and constructed with precision.  With additional snowmaking capabilities devoted to the superpipe this winter, Boreal aims to once again set a standard of perfection.  Known as Northern California’s first all-mountain terrain park, Boreal has gained a reputation for providing some of the area’s best jumps, rails, and funboxes.Tossing inhibitions to the wind, Boreal Mountain Resort reminds us all that snow is for play, and everyone gets a whole year of practice at being 10.  Fresh eyes, open minds, and the intuitive Zen of fearless youth prevail at Boreal, and new experiences await anyone who elects to play.  Easy interstate access, great first-timer ski and board sessions, ever-inventive terrain park features of 100 sizes and shapes, and an invitation to some carefree cool from 9am ’til 9pm daily are part of Boreal’s friendly, ever-present vibe.