Boreal Mtn+Fuel TV

Donner Summit, CA/Los Angeles, CA—based youth action focused FUEL TV plans to feature Boreal Mountain Resort’s urban rail park competition, the 2nd Annual Jibassic Pro Rail Invitational (or JPI) on Weekly Update, which is watched by 22 million US households.  Contrary to program title, Weekly Update is a nightly half-hour program which recaps news, events, competitions and athlete bios encompassing action sports such as snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding.   

Look for faces you know on Weekly Update.  Boreal’s 2nd Annual JPI was packed with pros who live right here in Tahoe: Brett Butcher, Destinee Perata, Jake Devine, Brett Christie, and Robbie Sell were among the top talent at this year’s JPI, as well as emerging stars like skier Becca Babicz and winner of the men’s snowboard division, John Foy.  Other pros to watch for on the Weekly Update’s coverage of JPI include competitors like Curtis Woodman, Christian Koch, and Laurie Currier, plus the entire Liberty Ski pro team.   

Boreal Mountain Resort kicked off the approach of winter 2006/2007 with JPI in October.   Double the size of the event’s 2006 debut, JPI has raised a few eyebrows among local park jibbers, as well as national magazines and TV stations.   

Featured early this year as one of the country’s top terrain parks on FUEL’s program, 10 Count, Boreal Mountain Resort will continue to expand its all-mountain terrain park this winter with the arrival of a night superpipe.  Additional competition, revamped interactive youth action website, and to-be-revealed park features will keep riders and action sports media tuning in for more.   Tossing inhibitions to the wind, Boreal Mountain Resort reminds us that snow is for play.  Fresh eyes, open minds, and the intuitive Zen of fearless youth prevail at Boreal, and new experiences await anyone who elects to play.  First-timer ski and board sessions, an Olympic-caliber superpipe, ever-inventive terrain park features of 100 sizes and shapes, easy access via Interstate 80, and an invitation to some carefree cool from 9am ’til 9pm daily are part of Boreal’s friendly, ever-present vibe.