Boreal Mountain Resort Opens Indoor Skate Bowl

Norden, CA – Boreal Mountain Resort will offer yet another element to winter sports in the Tahoe area by adding an indoor skateboarding bowl! Now open for skateboarding of all levels, Boreal Mountain Resort now offers guests skiing, snowboarding, and skateboarding.

As the first-ever indoor skateboard park available at a winter ski and snowboard resort, the Boreal Skate Bowl is top quality, as it was built by Vertical Production Industries. VPI has built ramps, parks, and features for events like the X Games – specifically the Mega Ramp, madefamous by 2004 X Games Big Air Gold Medalist and World Record Holder, Danny Way. As a collaborative effort between Boreal, Red Bull Energy Drink, and VPI, the skateboarding community will be impressed with the facility’s high standard of construction.

The vision for the Boreal Skate Bowl came from a large group of innovative sources, including snowboard manufacturers, ramp designers, and foresight from Boreal marketing representatives. Typically frequented by families with kids and teens, guests have come to expect not only traditional skiing and snowboarding, but a top-quality terrain park as well. By offering a skateboarding facility (a sport that plays an integral role in the birth of snowboarding), Boreal has shown a new kind of winter resort outreach to its guests. “This is a great way to offer kids a wide variety of activities,” said Jody Churich, Director of Marketing for Boreal Mountain Resort. “It’s very affordable, and gives our guests a chance to do two activities at one easy-access venue. Who would have thought you could be in a snow terrain park one minute and in an indoor skateboard bowl the next? It’s a really fun concept.”

As one of the nation’s first resorts to embrace snowboarding (snowboarding started to gain attention in the late 70s), Boreal is known for paving the way for future winter resort trends. Boreal offered one of the first terrain parks (Jibassic Park), and was one of the first west coast resorts to allow snowboarding – even hosting a World Cup racing competition in the early 80s. Offering an indoor skate bowl is another “first” for Boreal.

Top snow terrain park designer and builder, Eric Rosenwald, was also involved with the design of Boreal Skate Bowl. “It’s ironic to have helped with the conceptual process of the Boreal Skate Bowl, because I get so much inspiration for snow terrain park features from skate parks – specifically from the parks VPI has created, like the Mega Ramp they built for Danny Way.” said Rosenwald.

The Boreal Skate Bowl is adjacent to the resort’s main winter lodge. Helmets are required to access the Boreal Skate Bowl. Helmets, knee and elbow pads, and skateboards are all available to rent at the skate bowl. The skate bowl will be open Monday through Thursday from 3pm to 9pm, Friday and Saturday from 11am to 9pm, and Sunday from 11am to 4pm. Plan to session the Boreal Skate Park day and night, 24-7? An optional frequent-user $25 membership fee gives guests a price break on each visit: Members receive a 30-minute session for just $3 during the week and $5 on weekends; non-members receive a 30-minute session for $5during the week and $7 on weekends.

Northern California’s closest ski, snowboard, and skateboard resort with unbeatable prices, Boreal offers snow terrain parks, sledding, and skateboarding; equipment rentals, lessons, and a Kids Center. For more information call 530.426.3666 or visit