Bonfire Pipe To Pipe Finals this Saturday, 7/22

Portland, OR—This Saturday will be the third and finalPipe to Pipe event at Windells snowboard camp in Mt. Hood, Oregon andPortland1s own Bonfire Snowboarding, a premiere manufacturer of snowboardapparel, is sweetening the pot by adding in a $1000 bonus to the rider withthe best results from each event.

This unique event melds both snowboarding and skating competitions that pitamateur and pro riders head to head in competition for cash and prizes.

Events include a snowboard rail jam and indoor street skate jam. The topmale, top female and top overall skater are each up for $1000 cash, plus theadditional overall event bonus of $1000.

Bonfire riders Bev Vuilleumier, Josh Sherman, Kevin Casillo and Russianrider Viktor Teymurov will be among the pros competing.

Scotty “The Body” Conerly will be announcing throughout the day. While DJMYG of Portland Oregon will be spinning on the hill during the snow rail jamand skate events.

The event is open to the public with a signed camp liability waiver. ThePipe To Pipe events will take place at Timberline Resort on Mt. Hood andWindells snowboard and skate camps in Sandy, OR off Highway 26. Previousevents took place July 12 and July 22. For event details and registrationinformation go to