Seattle was hit with the Bonfire Ignition Tour on Wednesday, October 10, 2001. In conjunction with Snowboard Connection and held at the infamous I-Spy nightclub, the night was a success.

The excitement escalated as word came in that the healthy powdery white stuff that we all love was falling in the mountains. About 300 people showed up at the I-Spy in downtown Seattle to check out the premier of Optigrab and Trancendence. Atley, of Snowboard Connection, got the party started with some quick wit and tons of free goodies from Bonfire, Salomon, Music Match, TVT Records, Sno-Con, Crystal Mountain and much more. D.J Bronze SM from City Soul spun the beats and kept the crowd pumped all night.

From 6pm ¿ 9pm an all ages show began and Atley introduced the first movie. Fans yelled with excitement as they felt the fear, thrill and pain that the riders on screen were experiencing as they made first descents in Alaska and broke themselves on various rail slides. At the end of the flicks, product was raffled off and one lucky moviegoer went home with a new Salomon Prospect that was presented and autographed by Kyle Clancy, who showed up in all his glory. From 10pm ¿ 2am the party kicked into a 21 and over show where small rubber pigs were passed out selectively and redeemed for liquid crack at the bars, which helped to change the face of the crowd. During one giveaway session the stage became a madhouse as some tripper that looked like an Axl Rose wannabe must have liked the lovely prize girls (Carey from Sno-Con and Bo Dil) because he jumped on stage and helped them toss goods into the audience.

The night ensued and several rumors are still floating that there was some freak running around with a polaroid snapping pictures of women flashing the camera, has anyone seen those photos? The real entertainment came as the night escalated to the big snowboard giveaway. Accidentally it seemed that the raffle tickets, which were placed in a beanie got hucked to the crowd. Fortunately, there was an honest soul in the building who brought the beanie full of raffle tickets down to the stage (a snowboard guardian angel looking out for the foggy souls handling the raffle).

Kyle Clancy and entourage were at this point not available for the presentation. We know where you were Kyle and what happened to all the little piggies.

Judd Feingold, Jak Greene, Atley and the Sno-Con crew rocked the house and for those who crawled out of the Bonfire Ignition Tour, there was snow on the ground just a little North of Seattle. And thankfully Denny’s is “ALWAYS OPEN” for us late night folk.

Next stops on the tour Boston, Massachusetts (Oct 26th) with Concepts, Denver, CO (Nov 1) with Emage, Santa Monica, CA (Nov 1) with ZJ Boarding House, and final stop NYC (Nov 6th) with Blades Board and Skate.