On Wednesday, November 7th, Bonfire Snowboarding in conjunction with Blades Board & Skate placed a lockdown in the Chelsea district of New York City at Twirl. Upon entering the infamous club, snowboarders, skateboarders, and all in love with the sport entered a space pulsing with sick hip-hop beats and the newest snowboard videos¿Optigrab, Transcendence, Blacklight, Unleashed¿which were displayed on four huge screens and about 20 video displays around the club.

Drink specials held the crowd up along with reunions with people from all over the place. Familiar faces made appearances throughout the night with run-ins with David Benedek, who is the first slamming rider on Optigrab as well as the infamous “snollerblader” at the end. Will Gilmore, Bonfire and Salomon’s veteran team manager who is now residing in NYC, also made a cameo.

Visitors from Fridge Magazine, Stuff Magazine, and Oakley all permeated through a crowd of beautiful people. Chris Yeaton (a.k.a. “Turbo”), Bonfire and Salomon’s snowboard rep extraordinaire, had some serious energy that he managed to displace (hence the name Turbo). Between the martinis and the raffle, he managed to keep the crowd and his crew in check. Giveaways included concert tickets, media players, snowboards, and much more.

At one point the place was so crowded, the bar manager had to extend the party area, which then allowed for the full on “break-off”, a circle of kids throwing down on the dance floor. There were eager snowboarders from Japan with ear-to-ear grins just getting stoked on the entrance of the snowboard season.

“It was a chaotic event,” states Yeaton, “but people were amped and everyone had a blast”.

Blades Board & Skate Buyer Evan Josloff is a veteran at organizing parties and video premiers in the city. “No one has given us the support they way Bonfire has to get this party advertised and rolling,” he says.

The main goal of the Ignition Tour was to give retailers a big thanks for giving us support and to just give a grass roots shout out to our loyal consumers and let new consumers get to know us as a company. “We have the best riders and insane product!” says Ben Pruess of Bonfire.

The end of the night resulted in a small late-night posse who gathered at the Famous Chelsea Hotel (right next to Twirl) for one last cocktail in the name of all the famous artists, musicians, and anti-establishment icons who have helped inspire many in our lifestyle. “New York provides a great platform for events and is filled with talented people in the industry and even riders passing through or who are now living in the city … it can have an impact on not just the local market but everywhere,” says Sandra Rossi, Bonfire’s US Product Manager.

Bonfire would like to thank the many sponsors that helped back this tour including Meredith at Music Match and Jeff Kreinik at TVT Records.

Warm wishes to all riders and snowboarders who showed up at the events and we hope that the next place we see you is in the Lodge at the end of an epic day on the mountain.