If you were at the NorCal Bonfire ignition tour in Downtown Sacramento you were stoked. The event brought in over 400 pumped consumers, and Bonfire reps to an old Broadway-style theater, The Crest, in downtown Sacramento.

The crowd was let in at 7:30pm to some insane beats spun by the local, DJ Squirt. As the crowd began to get restless in anticipation for the movie, Mike Mijangos went on stage with tech rep Ryan Schopen to tease the crowd into a frenzy with free product donated by Bonfire and Ground Zero Boardshop.

“Three-quarters of the people who went to the event came home with something,” said Seth one of Ground Zero’s three owners. “It was cool to see the first 50 kids go after their free grab bag.”

As the night went on so did the antics. From free goggles provided by Oakley, to free lift tickets, videos, T-shirts, and beanies. And two lucky winners walked home with a free snowboard from Salomon. The crowd was then treated to a screening of Straight Jacket Films Unleashed and Mack Dawg’s Stand and Deliver.

As the event rounded up, the buzz was in full effect. Kids were stoked and people said that the event was the best they had seen in a long time!

But in true NorCal style the event didn’t stop at the video premiere, the “buzz” turned to debauchery. Those who were 21 and over were treated to the afterparty of all afterparty’s. Harlows nightclub in mid-town Sac hosted the Bonfire afterparty in a private lounge upstairs called the MoMo lounge. There, friends and guests of Ground Zero Boardshop and Bonfire enjoyed drinks on the house, pool, and club-style music which was again spun by DJ Squirt. Fun was had by all, and the vibe at the end of the night was when does this event come back?

Stay tuned as the Bonfire Ignition Tour continues to travel across the country. Look for upcoming dates in NYC, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, and Seattle.