PORTLAND, ORE. (June 25, 2008)—Bonfire Snowboarding will get the 11th annual Pipe to Pipe Rail Jam going this Saturday, June 28th at the Windell’s Snowboard Park on Palmer snowfield at Timberline Resort.  
The snowboard rail jam and skateboard competition historically has brought together some of the best up and coming Ams with veterans pros in a summer snow fest that starts on the snow and ends in the street course.
Invited riders include Chad Otterstrom, Louif Paradis, Jarad Hadi, Nick Dirks, Josh Sherman, Chris Grenier, Leanne Pelosi, Desiree Melencoln, Rawyn Reed, Steve Cartwright, Scott Stevens, Zac Marben and Austin Granger.  
Registration is free for all riders.  Pre-register at Windell’s Snowboard Camp or the day of the event between 9-10am at Timberline’s WyEast Day Lodge.
For more info: www.myspace.com/bonfiresnow.