Boardsports Hosts Shoot to Thrill

By Ryanne Gerry

Boardsports Inc. hosted its annual end of summer celebration Friday night in Eugene, Oregon at the local McDonald Theater. For ten bucks, NW locals were treated to three videos on the big screen, free product giveaways and a killer set from the ACDC cover band Hell’s Belles. 650 people along with Reps and team riders from all over the Northwest came down to show their support for Boardsports and help them celebrate the beginning of another awesome NW winter.

The evening started with the three feature films being projected up onto the big screen. Stadium seating and cushy chairs put a new spin on the usual musty couch and 13 inch black and white viewing that some are used to, and seemed to get everyone riled up for the upcoming season. A quite somber moment arrived, however, during Jeff Anderson’s contribution to Back in Black. Silence throughout the majority of his part followed by an outburst of cheers at the end was enough to bring some tears to the eyes of even the toughest groms in the room.

Next we got to check out Boardsports’ own skate team video, “re-burth” followed by Night of the Living Shred.

Giveaways started with tons of Lib Tech, Mission Six, Burton and 686 gear to slang, which was an excellent segway into the nights Hell’s Belles show. Needless to say, the show was enough to send the under-agers home to a good nights rest, and sparked the fire for the rest of us to enjoy the incredibly fun night ahead of us.

I caught up with Rain Couture owner of Boardports and Matt Koehler who were responsible for putting on the show, later that night and found out why they treated us all to such a rad event.

“We do this every year and it just gets bigger every time. It just shows that you don’t have to go to Seattle or Portland to see a good show and get to hang out with all your friends. We just wanted to show that the NW rules and here’s a shop that’s here to do their best to keep the hope alive. Boardsports is all about keeping the dream alive. Snowboarding is cool and fun!

Rain’s shop is also known for its efforts in helping to get the smaller companies in the industry known. Andromeda, Ancient Inc, and Atmosphere are among some of their good buddies that they work with on a regular basis, doing what they can to spread the names and show people the unfathomable talents of the NW.

Basically when the night was said and done the Boardsports crew was all about takin it back to the roots: ” Everything is getting so corporate now, its better to get it back to grassroots, and all this just gives us a chance to hang out with our friends.

Boardsports would like to thank Atlee and Lib Tech, Rich and Mission 6, Adam Fous, Ancient Inc, Justin Carlson, David Scaffidi (and the vaporizer), Mackey, Andromeda, Ancient Inc, and Atmosphere for all their help in the festivities and beyond. See ya next year.