Boardercross Time Trials at Banff

Sunshine Village, Banff, AB (February 25, 2000) ¿ 133 snowboarders took on a technical course for the single-timed runs at the Kokanee Boardercross® Grand Nationals. The time trials portion of the three-day competitive event allows each rider a chance to race down the obstacle-laden course, as fast as they can handle. The best time is used to determine who will make the 24-women and 48-men cut. The super fast course with lots of large challenging features set the tone for all the riders.Marc Friesen (Whistler, BC) finished first for the men in his timed run with 60.96 seconds. Local rider Candice Drouin (Banff, AB) took the fastest time for the women with 66.41 seconds. Placement also determines your lane position, so the faster your time, the better your gate position in Boardercross. The event has attracted an international field with athletes from 6 countries from around the world. Tomorrow’s Boardercross® will feature six riders racing currently down a course that features jumps, banked turns, tunnels and whoops and much more!

Schedule of Events for Saturday February 26th, 2000

9:30 AM ¿ 10:30 AM Inspection & Training Strawberry Face
9:00 AM ¿ 2:00 PM Media & VIP Registration Bourgeau Boardroom
11:00 AM Boardercross Competition Strawberry Face
1:30 PM Boardercross Awards Bottom of Race Course
2:00 PM Boardercross Party Lookout Lounge

Sunshine Village’s Boardercross event has attracted national sports coverage, is sanctioned by the Canadian Snowboard Federation (CSF), and will showcase Industry demonstrations and live entertainment. The event will be televised on CTV Network on April 15, and will also air on OLN and CTV SportsNet.