November 22, 2011 – VANCOUVER, BC – Bneeth Marketing and Communications is
proud to announce the launch of Time Capsule at a one-year project that showcases the
life and times of professional photographers, videographers, and writers from across
North America. For the twenty-seven contributors taking part in Time Capsule, their
passion has led them into a career where they live what they do.

“Through out our lives, we sometimes forget that it's not always about the destination,
but rather the journey itself. For everyone involved in Time Capsule, our journey is about
the experiences we fill our lives with,” said Mike Scott, Bneeth Founder. “I really couldn't
ask for a better group of contributors to bring this first project to life. With a handful of
guest contributors already secured for monthly features, our viewers will have access to
original content they can connect with on a much deeper level".

At the end of the twelve-month blogging period, the most popular entries will be included
in a limited edition coffee table book. The book will also be made available as a
downloadable app loaded with added interactive content.

With twenty-seven pieces of original content already uploaded to the website, each one
of the contributors below has committed to the beginning of what will become a truly
unique project.

Bneet Time Capsule

Brian Caissie, Colin Adair, Rich Odam, Ryan Allan, Ashley Barker, Scott Serfas, Dean
"Blotto" Gray, Dylan Doubt, Judah Oakes, Dano Pendygrasse, Andrew Norton, Geoff

Mike Stanfield, Benny Stoddard, Aaron Leyland, Gabe Langlois

Matt Houghton, Sandro Grison, Ryan Stutt, Scott Birke, Gerhard Gross, Peter Anderson,
Andrew Sayer, Eric Greene, Daryl Trinidad, Tyler Quarles, Mike Scott

The Time Capsule project will be unfolding at over the
next twelve months. For all the latest updates stay tuned to our and

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