Blower – The Snowboarding Book

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blow·er, noun 1: one that blows 2: a device for producing a current of airor gas 3: a loud arrogant boaster 4: a British TELEPHONE 5: Slang, termused to describe the actions of, and/or the conditions surrounding, the actof snowboarding. The riding was epic, I was making BLOWER powder turns all day.

Blower is a 256 page, full color hardback book which depicts all aspects of the sport and subculture, with a vivid edit of photography, design, illustration, prose and quotes. Included in the book is a full-featured DVD film of the behind the scenes lifestyle of professional snowboarding, as well as an artistic glimpse of the creative process of making Blower.

Blower was originally a very simple idea¿an opportunity to display great photos of action snowboarding and the behind the scenes lifestyle shots that are produced by Burton Snowboards photographer Jeff Curtes, that go either unseen or are used inappropriately. The idea grew to be not that simple. Throughout its creative process, Blower evolved into so much more. The artistic team grew. The vision grew. The book grew. What evolved is something so much more than was originally planned. Blower is snowboarding from the inside out. It’s a journey into professional snowboarders’ lives and everything that surrounds them. From a rider’s obsession with weather and snow conditions and the constant pursuit of being at the right place at the right time, Blower pulsates with hectic travel schedules and the painful angst of waiting. The glossy pages of the shots that fill the pages of snowboarding magazines around the world come with a complete story that most viewers never appreciate unless they are living those moments. Many are involved: the riders, team managers, photographers, cinematographers, and magazine editors to name a few. Somewhere in its evolution, snowboarding became a lifestyle, and viewers became hungry for images of their heroes living the dream both on and off the snow. Snowboard photography has become a blend of documentary photographic style, action photography, and pseudo-fashion photography. Blower captures these stories of ‘being pro’ and tells the untold tales of the short yet glamorous lifestyles these athletes, and many involved, live. Complementing this lifestyle, Blower showcases several artists who have been a strong voice in creating the visual language of the artistic image of snowboarding, and who have provided the raw material for countless unbelievable board graphics. Furthermore, Blower taps into the unique relationship between JDK Design and Burton Snowboards, one that was forged and flourished by blurring the traditional client/creator barriers. And if you haven’t heard of ‘Shaving’, you will soon enough. Shave on.

Blower is made by Burton Snowboards photographer Jeff Curtes, Burton Director of Photography Eric Kotch and Art Director Jared Eberhardt. Thesethree have worked for the better part of their professional lives on some project for Burton Snowboards. Jeff shooting a ridiculous number of photos he magically and amazingly focused correctly, Kotch blatantly telling it how is, and somehow finding time to make sense of all of the submitted photographs. And Jared, from the depths of his, not large nor small but Medium, Utah basement, sleeplessly designing award-winning print material at JDK for Burton. They brought along friend and film-maker Jon Boyer, who has made a few snowboarding videos, as well as provided Transworld Snowboarding Magazine and the entire snowboard industry with a wealth of useless information for which he is so well known, to .

With previous titles such as Dysfunctional, Scrawl, Sneakers, and Marc Newson, Booth-Clibborn Edittions can lay claim to being one of the UK’s hippest publishers. Their philosophy is simple, “We believe each book we do here must always produce an excitement within itself. We like books that have strong ideas and function as experiences…we want to be more innovative. But it shouldn’t be innovation for the sake of innovation. It has to have reason and purpose…we want to keep changing and finding new ways,” says Edward Booth-Clibborn. Blower will be distributed by Booth-Clibborn Editions as well as by Burton Snowboards, and will be available in finer bookstores and snowboard shops around the world starting in September 2001.

Click Here: To buy a copy of Blower: Snowboarding Inside Out.