Blackcomb Gondola Tower Topples

According to at least six people are trapped in a Blackcomb gondola as a gondola tower tipped over:


escue workers are beginning to free skiers and snowboarders stuck inside gondolas on B.C.'s Blackcomb Mountain.

Around 2:30 p.m. the Blackcomb Excalibur gondola tower came off its moorings, stranding at least a dozen passengers inside several cars hovering over the mountain. The tower is now leaning quite heavily to one side.

Sgt. Steve Wright of Whistler RCMP says the gondolas didn't fall — they remain on the wire cable with passengers inside. But the cable is sagging down quite far from its regular track.

At least six people are trapped inside the cabin closest to the base of the mountain. That car was hovering a few feet above the ground, and has now crashed down on top of a bus shelter in the resort town's village.

A second gondola, about 40 metres further up the mountain, also has people trapped inside. That car is sitting five metres above Fitzsimmons Creek, between Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains.