Billabong Snow Team News

Words: Andrew Marriner snow/skate team manager

Kale Stephens

Several months have passed by since Kale had a very unfortunate accidentwith his snowmobile trailer. He still can’t breathe that well and isgoing in for another operation. This operation will be the one that willlet him breathe properly. Other then that Kale is going inn for a MRIand will soon find out if he will be repairing his ACL our not. We sure hope not and all of us here are really excited about Kales movie segments coming outsoon. The Shakedown By Mack Dawg Productions and the wildcats new movie.

Tara Dakides will be filming for a new MTV Sports show in September.The format will be teams of 3 (2 guys and 1 girl) competing in 3disciplines Surf, Skate & Snow. Knowing MTV it should be Real Worldmeets Our Would.

Macy Price & Kurt Wastell went down to Australia in August and competedin the Billabong Snow Stock event and each places 3rd in the Slope Styleevent.

Andrew Crawford just bought a ranch in Montana and rumor has it he isfilming the sequel to River Runs Throw It with Brad Pit. Ha Ha

Kevin Jones also just bought a ranch up in Bend, OR.