Billabong Slopestyle Jam and MTV Snow Jam
If You Missed It, You Blew It

The recipe for a wild party is a hard one to master.

Red Bull and Jagermeister get mixed in first, followed by some kicking beats, an untamed display of fire, a neck breaking stunt or two and at least 1000 people.

When the Billabong Slopestyle Jam teamed up with the MTV Snow Jam in Snow Park NZ on August 8th, things got weird.

The world’s best snowboarders were throwing out switch 1080’s on the Slopestyle course like they were paper plates, fireworks were painting the white snow canvas a shade of colour and Chicago hip hop sensation Lupe Fiasco was lighting up the stage.

Over 2000 snow and music lovers showed up from all over New Zealand to kick it on the hill at Snow Park, rip down a few cold bullets and enjoy what was easily the most raved about weekend of the 2007 winter in New Zealand.

There were chicks in hot tubs, riders hitting a massive kicker over the stage, fireworks, Lupe going mental, Savage and Mareko, The Mint Chicks, Free Booze, A 3m tall burning MTV logo in the snow, A VIP After Party and gruesome antics that went well into the next day.

If you were there, it will be etched in your brain forever like the dead cell the night created, if you blew it and missed the show, here’s a little clip to show you just how good it really was. Enjoy.

*Don’t forget to tune into MTV Australia on Saturday September 8th at 4:00pm for the full SNOW JAM program.