Bill “Beaker” Bryan Joins The Allyance

Laguna Beach, California—Allyance, an innovative designer and marketer of premium quality sports andlifestyle apparel, gear, and entertainment announced today the addition ofboard sports legend, Bill “Beaker” Bryan.

Bill Bryan, considered to be one of the world¹s best ever all aroundboarders joined the Allyance and now heads up the team as captain andmentor. Bill has won a long list of competitions in surf, skim, skate, andsnowboarding (too many to list), making him a leader and legend in theaction sports industry. He has made countless television appearances, beenin endless magazines and newspapers and in dozens of movies.

There is not a board he can¹t shred or form of water he can¹t ride. He isthe chairman of the board; a cross between Jesus and a cat. He walks onwater and always lands on his feet. The things we¹ve seen Beaker do on aboard are mind-blowing. There isn¹t much he hasn¹t done, including surfinga croc filled river in Africa! stated Allyance HQ.

The Allyance is the next big thing, they have a formula for success and Iplan on being a part of it. They are giving the power to the people. Thegear, philosophy and members kick ass, I¹m pumped to be a part of theAllyance! stated Bill Bryan.

Bill and the rest of the growing team have been hitting up mountains on boththe east and west coasts this winter. They are also launching the Allyancesummer tour that includes the first ever Allyance Big Top Pro/Am SkimSeries.

About Allyance:

Allyance is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of apparel, gear andentertainment. Through Alpha 6 Distributions, LLC, Allyance distributespremium, cutting edge styled products under the Allyance brand name,integrated with a multi-media celebrations of the Action Sports Lifestyle.The synthesis of gear, entertainment, consumer empowerment and the internetrepresents a unique business model within the industry.

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