Bev Sanders’ Women’s Snowboard Tours

After the tremendous success of Las Olas Surf Adventures for Women,Avalanche Snowboards co-founder Beverly Sanders returns to her roots in thesnow. In April of 2001, Bev will launch Las Snolas, the first all-womansnowboarding adventure to Lech, Austria.

In her 20 years at the forefront of the snowboarding industry, Bev hasgreatly impacted the evolution of performance gear designed specifically forwomen. Transworld Magazine officially recognized Bev’s contributions to thesport, naming her a Pioneer of Snowboarding. In her travels to slopesaround the world, Lech remains Bev’s favorite place to ride. Nestled deepin the Austrian Alps, Lech boasts a wide range of terrain and a cozyatmosphere that attracts regular visits from Europe’s elite. “If it’s goodenough for the Queen of Holland,” Bev says, “it’s good enough for us.”

The incredible response to the Las Olas Surf Adventures proved that womenwere indeed looking for something unique when planning precious vacationtime; escaping high performance jobs or supermom lives for a “getaway withthe girls.” All-women groups have certain advantages. Bev says, “Eachsession is an amazing group of dynamos, professional, yet intenselyfun-loving, appreciative of the very best in accommodations and instruction.We can usually depend on them to be a popular crowd among the locals, whichis crucial if you want to be welcomed back.” After being the minority onmost slopes and breaks, women have a strong appreciation for thenon-competitive atmosphere of mutual support and cooperation that developson a group adventure. Each Las Snolas rider will take home greaterconfidence on her board and over a dozen new friends.

Guests will enjoy a four-star chalet with spa facilities, European cuisine,daily yoga sessions, and a relaxing massage. A pro rider will lead thegroup and provide technique tips. In April’s sunny weather, riders will bein Tshirts while carving up some of the best bowls in the Alps. At the endof the mountain holiday, guests will have the opportunity to pursue artmuseums and European boutiques during an overnight stay in Zurich,Switzerland.

This year’s Las Snolas sessions are scheduled for March 19-25, March27-April 2, and April 4-10. The prices of $2950 (60 day early registrationdiscount) includes the use of women’s performance snowboards designedexclusively for Las Snolas, chalet accommodations, gourmet meals and a halfhour massage. Additional massage available by appointment. Price does notinclude airfare to and from Zurich. Since average Las Olas sessions sell out60 days in advance, it is advisable to make Las Snolas reservations as earlyas December. For further information visit,, or call 707/746-6435.