Ben Ferguson Joins The Crab Grab Team

Oregon Resident Ben Ferguson is a truly well rounded and talented snowboarder. At just 20 years of age, Ferg is killing it at everything! Ben is doing everything in the book all the way from competing in the X Games to charging backcountry lines. Ferg’s been landing covers, and best of all, has been landing some mental methods for quite some time now, which definitely drew Crab Grab’s attention. Crab Grab offers innovated traction to help out with all of those big grabs and they purvey the idea of more simple snowboarding where it’s not always doing a little grab and seeing how many times you can spin, but rather heavy, tweaked airs with style. With guys like Scott Stevens, Pat Moore, Brandon Hobush, Bode Merrill, Jesse Burtner, and Mike Rav on the team, Ferg is a perfect fit.  

Recently, on May 8th, Ben cruised up into the peaks in Central Oregon for his first snow camping trip with flimer/photographer/guide Pete Alport in pursuit of some shredding, good times, and adventure. The snow was slightly unforgiving but they made the most of it and got some great shots of Ben sending some big ones with his Crab Grab traction. After the good hangs, the guys hiked down, and Ferg hopped straight into the car and drove two hours to see his mom for mothers day, sounds like a rad guy to have on the team. Welcome to Crab Grab Ben!