BCA Airbag Safety Recall Notice


Backcountry Access, Inc. Advises Owners of Float Airbags to Obtain
New Trigger Assembly

Owners of Backcountry Access ("BCA") Float airbags shipped in 2011-
12 and 2012-13 should contact BCA to receive a new trigger assembly
for their Float Airbag. This Alert applies specifically to Float 30 Airbag
Pack, Float 18 Airbag Pack, Float 36 Airbag Pack, Float 22 – Blue, Float
22 – Black, Float 32 – Red, Float Throttle – Black. The affected trigger
assemblies have a "lot" letter on the trigger handle, and the
population includes lots A through E.

BCA has received a limited number of warranty returns in which the
retaining ring, or E-clip, on the trigger assembly has been removed or
become dislodged from the trigger cable. The E-clip can inadvertently
be removed or become dislodged in the process of connecting the
trigger assembly to the compressed air cylinder. If this occurs, the
airbag may not deploy properly when the trigger is pulled.

Please contact warranty@backcountryaccess.com or call (800) 670-
8735, and BCA will send you an upgraded trigger assembly. The
upgraded trigger assembly is standard on the 2013-2014 airbags and
utilizes a hex crimp instead of an E-clip as a retention solution.

In addition to this retrofit, BCA recommends that all Float airbag
owners perform a full system check before every backcountry outing.
This includes checking your cylinder pressure, trigger pin and cover
attachments. Users should also deploy their Float system at least once
per season to ensure proper system function and user familiarity.


Backcountry Access, Inc. Avalanche Airbags
If the retaining ring, or E-clip, becomes dislodged while connecting the trigger
assembly to the compressed air cylinder, the cylinder may not actuate when
the trigger is pulled, thereby failing to deploy the airbag.

Consumers should immediately stop using the Airbags. Known
purchasers were mailed instructions for obtaining a new trigger assembly.
For additional information and to receive instructions on how to obtain a
new trigger assembly, contact Backcountry Access, Inc. by e-mail at
warranty@backcountryaccess.com or toll free at 800-670-8735 anytime.
This product was sold at retailers worldwide and online at
www.backcountryaccess.com from August 2011 through the present for
between $499 and $750.

This recall is being conducted in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer
Product Safety Commission who will monitor the effectiveness of this recall

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Post until April 1, 2014