Bataleon is a collaboration of riders, artists, and physicists. Born in Norway, the company first entered markets in Scandinavia, Europe, and Asia over the past two seasons, and then executed an extensive pre-launch campaign in the US and Canada during winter 04/05. The brand’s entire product line is based on their patented innovation, Triple Base Technology.

“TBT is pre-formed to the natural dynamic shape a snowboard takes while turning, which yields greater energy efficiency and optimum edge performance compared to traditional flat-base boards, says Bataleon designer Jà¸rgen Karlsen. The Triple Base gradually progresses from flat between the bindings, to 3 distinct surfaces toward the tip and tail. This translates into faster glide, greater stability at speed, smoother edge transitions, and reduced edge-catch.

The design was initially targeted for high-performance precision riders like Olympian and two-time World Champion Kim Christiansen, but the additional user-friendly benefits of TBT provide fast progression for snowboarders of every skill level. Bataleon Pro Team rider Brent Meyer claims, “The Triple Base can mean the difference between stomping a switch backside 9, or pounding a three foot deep crater in the knuckle.

Based near year-round snow at Mt. Hood, management team Brian Sites and Brandon Rothauge have begun building a strong network of sponsored riders, sales agents, and field operatives to spread the Bataleon word. The product line will premier in key retail shops for winter 05/06.

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