Bataleon: Goodbye, Tyler!


Usually we come with good news, but sometimes we have to bring some bad news…

We can’t keep all of our riders with us forever. Sometimes it is time for a change, time for some new adventures… It’s always more fun to say hello then goodbye but sometimes this needs to happen to… And so with a heavy heart we say goodbye and good luck to our favorite Roastbeef Mr. Tyler Chorlton…

“Hey everybody! Well this is it, my last holla with Mr. B! I will miss the whole Bataleon crew, everyone has been like brothers for me the last 5 years and i have learnt a lot from the family and TBT! But it’s time for me to take what i’ve learnt and move on to the Apo team ( making sure they dont figure out Triple Base Technologie… héhé ). With that: ‘ADIEU!’ friends keep killing it and keep backing Mr.B!!! I may have left but i’m ‘Yeahforit’ for life man! That’ll never change. Peace out” — TC

We are for sure going to miss TC. But he will always be a part of the Bataleon family forever!
Good luck Tyler! We wish you all the best your new adventure.

Yeah For It!
— Mr.B

For those that still don’t know: Tyler Chorlton has been representing BATALEON and TBT Snowboarding the last 5 years around the world through of contests, trips and in several amazing video parts by Yeahh Productions and Pirates Productions.