Bataleon Ad Mistake

As a worldwide super mega corporation, Bataleon Snowboards has a lot going on. We find ourselves busy as ever creating snowboards that will save the world and make riding more fun for everyone. From time to time we do make a mistake and this was apparent when we ran our recent ad in the Transworld Buyers Guide.

As soon as the mistake was noticed, our corporate super bosses were notified and they were very disturbed and their flight to the golf course was cut short and an immediate turnaround was necessary in order to maintain the fabric of the company. Notable also was the enthusiastic response our art director gave us when we woke him at 2:00AM Amsterdam Time to make him aware of the mistake. He then of course threw our International Sales Manager under the bus by outing him for spending more time on the chat lines then actually trying to sell snowboards.

We deeply apologize that the misprinted number actually takes you to a live talk line and though we encourage all snowboarders to meet and make new friends we have to remind some of you that you must be 18 in order to take advantage of the misprinted number when you call. Our correct toll free number is 877-ALL-4-TBT (877-255-4828) Trust us, this is a much better line to call for advice on picking up the ladies, or for the ladies we can put you in touch with the proper advice for picking up the guys. You can be assured that those responsible for this great national tragedy have been dealt with accordingly.

Bataleon Snowboards