We’ve been holding out in hopes that our crazy weather year would turn favorable in time for the Banked Slalom. However, due to the current lack of snow on the course, uncertain forecasts for the next two weeks and the low probability that enough snow will fall between now and course preparation time to give you a course that comes close to Banked Slalom standards, we are rescheduling the event.

You all know that we at Baker love a challenge, and that we have been through massive snowfalls, 100 mph winds, sleet, and rain with this event. However the current conditions are a first, and unfortunately are the only type of conditions that we could imagine that would force such a decision. As we write this, the banks would be worn to bare dirt with more than the expected 275 racers on course for even one day of racing.

We realize that many of you are making travel, work and race plans now and feel that though we do expect some snow in the next few weeks, which makes it tempting to wait it out, the facts point to this being the most prudent decision. It is of common courtesy to fill you in now on the situation so that we all may adjust accordingly, and we hope to see you all in April!

On the bright side, long term forecasts look like we will be returning to our more normal weather pattern by early February (the change is actually happening now, but not in time!) and it looks like we will be getting back to our normal significant snowfall for February and March.


1. We plan to resume ALL the usual festivities for the April event. . .fun course, live music, salmon BBQ, sponsor demo area, amazing prizes and cool artwork for starters2. The same racer list will apply.3. If you are unable to attend the April event, please let us know by March 1st so that we may fill your place with other anxious racers. If you cannot attend, we will refund your entry fee if you contact us by March 1st, but we will not save your spot for the 2006 event.4. Bring sunscreen.