Back on-board: Keystone hosts Backyard BBQ Rail Session

Keystone has closed out the summer season in style. With 15 tons of ice chip-turned-snowpack, the resort's Backyard BBQ Rail Session brought the three B's back to Keystone: burgers, brews, and boarding. Throwing down for the first round of its first annual A51 River Run Rail Series, Keystone rallied riders to get back on their boards and get in their first runs of the early season. Frat-tanks and board shorts were out in full force, while the 70-something sunshine had the Keystone Park Staff hard at work keeping the snow solid. Over 180 participants came out to River Run to get their time on-snow, with 60 competitors each for the men and the women’s categories vying for a spot in their respective finals. A couple of hammers and a few mean tan lines later, Josh Carreola took his spot atop the podium, with Courtney Cox holding down the win for the women. Jeffrey DeForde and Emily Bluit each took home second place, while best crash and a GoPro went to Chris Tulien for a front-flip off the cannon that didn't end well.

Here's a look at all the pre-season madness:

The second round of the series is set to go off on November 3 to welcome the masses back to the slopes, while the third, on April 6, 2013, will  be a fitting season send off.