Attitude by Holmes Sport Cologne Released

Legendary snowboarders Shaun Palmer, along with Shawn Farmer, Andy Hetzel, Jimmy Halopoff,and Temple Cummins are supporting a new cologne designed by ex-pro mogul skier Bad Brad Homlmes. This is not a joke. Seriously.

Brad’s new cologne is in a bottle coming straight to you over the internet. Holmes says “It’s the only sports cologne designed and tested by snow sport athletes, and since it’s named after me it has to be the best!”

As a world champion mogul skier, five time US Ski Team member, pro mogul tour dominator, and now a freeskier on top of the game, Brad honed his attitude in the skiing world. Lately Holmes has been working with top New York fragrance industry specialists to produce a product that reflects his pioneer spirit and irreverent attitude.

“People don’t realize how much work I’ve put into my cologne, but then againI’ve always worked hard to impress myself!” Holmes states. The attitude byHolmes team is comprised of the top snow sport athletes in the world today.

About the five star lineup Brad says, “Michael Jordan has his own cologneand he can only jump 6 feet, everyone on my team can jump at least 70!”

Later this year Holmes will be adding lip balm and sunscreen to his cologne line. The website features a photo gallery as well as athlete profiles. Visit Brad and friends to order his new fragrance andimpress yourself!