North American Alpine Champion Lisa Kosglow dropped back on the American Snowboard Tour at Northstar-At-Tahoe and beat the field by two seconds while Kevin Blagys squeezed past Travis McLain to take his first major Alpine win.

“It feels so good to be back and racing at home,” Kosglow said. “I just wish I would have had a better second run.”

Kosglow who lead the field by more than three seconds after the first run had a little trouble in her second. “I do much better when I’m going all out than I do when I try to hold back,” she said. “On the second run I was trying to hold back and it really showed.”Lisa Odynski, who’d been up for most of the past 27 hours trying to get from Europe to Reno for the contest had a great second run. It was second fastest of the second run, but not enough to overcome Kosglow’s three second lead in the first. Odynski finished second more than two seconds ahead of third place finisher Melissa Tirpak.

On the men’s side Kevin Blagys was ecstatic with his performance. “I knew after I saw Travis McLain’s time that I was just going to have to point it down straight down hill and go all out,” he said. “Today I was able to go all out and make it.”

Blagys’ road to victory was no where near as easy as Kosglow’s. In the first run Blagys got the virgin course and made use of it to put up the fastest time of the morning with a 1:11.04. Travis McLain, however, came in .23 behind that with at 1:12.07 with Ian Hadgkiss and Pete Macomber on the same second.

Macomber made the biggest leap when, because of registration problems, he was not seeded in the top sixteen. He started the first run second from last and was still able to land the forth fastest time of the first run. “I just let it all run,” he said after the first run. “Now I just have to do what Jasey Anderson does all the time and come from the back to win this.”

Macomber’s second run put him in the lead, however Ian Hodgkiss then Travis McLain both took the lead away from him, leaving McLain in first with one rider to go.

As Kevin Bladgys dropped in on the top of the race course, McLain knew that the first place prize money was not in his pocket yet. “There’s nothing I can do now,” he said shrugging and at the finish line.

The one person who could do something was Kevin Blagys he had a solid run on the upper portion of the course, and then the buckle on his back boot came undone. “I felt it pop and had to buckle in back up in the flat section,” he said at the finish line.

But that didn’t slow him down enough, and when the timing light stopped at 1:06.63 he had the third fastest second run time, and more importantly, he had the win over Travis McLain.

The American Snowboard Tour continues at Northstar-At-Tahoe tomorrow January 31, 1999 with the Halfpipe competition.


1. Kevin Blagys 2:18.07
2. Travis McLain 2:18.76
3. Ian Hadgkiss 2:18.91
4. Pete Macomber 2:19.23
5. Adam Smith 2:20.72
6. Ryn Mullen
7. Nate Simms
8. Bert Schultes
9. Jerred Stradley
10. Matt Drinker
11. Josh Lange
12. Tom Zikas
13. Graham Watanabe
14. Jon Laurence
15. Brent Bartholomew
16. Colin Merriman

1. Lisa Kosglow 2:30.45
2. Elisabeth Odynski 2:33.01
3. Melissa Tirpak 2:35.07
4. Louisa Muir
5. Andrea Dobrzelewski
6. Marni Yamada
7. Allison Bogaki
8. Adryan Ritter
9. Alexis McGinnes