AST Bear Mountain: Greenwood, Lawyer Moto into First

Jeff Greenwood was at Big Bear to take a break from the FIS World Cup Tour to have some fun in the warmth of Southern California, but he didn’t take a break from winning. Riding fast and smooth, he cruised to a win in the American Snowboard Tour’s Boardercross event at Bear Mountain February 20, 1999.

In fact most of the racers had a great day at Bear. The final included Greenwood, Adam Smith, and Travis McLain all of whom finished in the top four during Friday’s GS race. The only non-racer in the finals was Cooper Hall and he finished in third only after Smith crashed while in the lead.

The course at Bear Mountain was perfect for the racers. The top of the course was completely straight and featured a step-up, a double jump, and a table before flattening out into a roller section. From there, the course dropped to the front of Bear Mountain with a couple more step-ups, a spine, and a huge right hand berm and straight to the finish.

Not wanting the racers to make a clean sweep of it Jeff Brushie and Neil Drake put up a great fight. Unfortunately, they both got knocked out in the semis and ended up finishing in sixth and seventh.

On the women’s side pro mountain biker/motocross racer/ snowboarder April Lawyer basically lit up the course rolling right through the semis and ended up crossing the finish line first. “I’ve decided that I have to just do what’s fun,” she said. “I guess it’s working.”

Several women racers got knocked out in the early rounds. Both Betsy Shaw and Lisa Kosglow had problems.

Kosglow who just missed making it to the semi’s thinks she needs to get a little more aggressive. “The problem is that I’m just too polite,” Kosglow explained. “People get close and I just say, ‘Oh, please, go right on by.’ I don’t think that’s good Boardercross technique. But I’m learning and I still have a few more Boardercrosses this year.”