AST Bear Mountain: Goulet, Zwink Victorious

Greg Goulet stunned the crowd at Bear Mountain on Sunday February 21, 1999 when he scored a 41.2 in his second run to win the halfpipe competition.

Goulet who scored only 18 points on his first run was glad to pull off a clean run. “I’ve been having some problems today,” Greg said. “But I really wanted to do this run. With a little luck, I guess it almost worked. I really wanted to go a bit higher than I did.”

Several runs before Greg’s, Tai Ma put up a run that most thought would win the contest. It was a huge, technical run that judges scored as 39.8. Everyone thought it was all over.

Then Greg dropped in at the top of the pipe. He started off a huge switch method, and then followed it up with a 720, a switch-Haakon, and a backflip-to-fakie. He stomped them all and threw in very few set-up moves.

Event announcer and rider Matt Kass, who was sidelined with a bruised tailbone, couldn’t stop screaming. “I don’t care what the judges say about this one,” he yelled over the PA. “That is the most progressive pipe run I’ve ever seen.”

Jeff Brushie was back in his classic groove. He was the second highest qualifier for the finals and then fell in both of his final runs. “When it’s combined I only fall in one run,” Jeff joked before the finals. “In a best of two final I just fall on both runs.”

By placing fourth J.J. Thomas cinched the North American Halfpipe title just ahead of Chauncey Tanton.

On the women’s side Tara Zwink was riding bigger, faster, and stronger than anyone else was. See started off with a huge method air and mixed in a couple 540s and a mix of grabs. “I had problems in my first run and I’m glad I didn’t have them in the second,” she said. “That one felt pretty good.”

Zwink finished ahead of Gretchen Bleiler, Bianca Berger and Alisa Mokler and took the overall title away from Berger.