Ask The Rider – LNP Wrap-Up




The second Rome SDS "Ask the Rider" live interview on Twitter was big success. For more than two hours on Friday July 10th, you asked, and LNP answered, unedited and as fast as he could type. LNP answered everything from what are his favorite skate parts to how's riding pow in Japan. He answered questions about his old Bandwagon crew and even some really funny ones from the crew over at UpDown Magazine. He even stayed on the Twitter account for a full extra hour, trying to get through as many questions that were flooding in for him.

Here's a sampling of some of the questions fielded by LNP:

"If you could be a mystical creature, what would it be?"

@ccortes182 – "Dragons are cool, maybe like an evil dwarf, that is cool with me, but I would kill people I don't like – LNP

Hey LNP, if you could wear one shirt and one pair of pants for the rest of the year what would you choose?"

@traveloutloud – Hard one, white jeans and my Bahamas Budweiser t-shirt – LNP

"Mr. P, how has becoming a pro and being paid affected the fun of snowboarding? Do you still ride for intrinsic reasons?

@BjollyLolly – being a pro is a little stressful, but it helps me realize that now I can't just sit on my ass and do nothing – LNP

"What should I name my new cat?  I can't decide after three nameless days with him.

@S_abrina – "What about Cleo, sweet name for a cat – LNP

In the end we randomly awarded the 2010 Artifact 147 1985, LNP's jib board of choice to Ncrowley1 for the randomly selected question: "What was your favorite toy as a little kid?"   For the record, it was Lego's or Ninja Turtle figurines – LNP.

“"The Twitter interview was a lot better than I thought it would be. I just had some cold ones and answered questions. It was cool I hope the kids liked all of my answers."”

Stay tuned to and to see who' will be taking your questions next.