SEATTLE – Artifakt Art Show presents the sociology of snowboarding and skateboarding culture through visual art, motion picture, and music at Neumos (925 Pike St) on Friday, February 15th. Snowboarding and skating isn’t just a pastime, it’s a culture. It’s a sensibility gained through involvement.

This month’s show brings artists from all over the West Coast. The intricate laser-etched skate decks of Portland’s Brandon Walsh will rock your visual senses- they are pure art. The thought of attaching trucks and wheels to a piece by Walsh would make anyone cringe. These are not meant for rail grinds! From the design studios of Dakine (Portland) Nathan Hanna brings “an urbanized style with a refreshing new twist of texture, perception and depth” (Juxtapoz). His works distort familiar, beautiful images and place them in the context of urban landscapes and graffiti backdrops.

LA’s world-renowned Fishe, Arbe and Kyle return to the roster (after mind-blowing installations last month) to tag skate decks, which will be put up for silent auction or raffle. It isn’t a board show without Snow and Skate Videos from two Montana fimmakers, which Artifakt will broadcast for additional eye candy. Photography is also a must, so it’s there too.

AQUEDUCT headlines the music lineup, bringing his timeless pop and dynamic style to Neumos. Also performing are Jupiter Mining Corporation and Last Chance Hero, choice local selections of driving, high-energy music to fuel a crowd that is well-accustomed to intensity. DJs Kamui and Sean Cee will fill out the rest of the evening.

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SPONSORS: : High Cascade Snowboard Camp (, Dakine (, Lakai Footwear (, Snowboard Connection (, Evo Gear (, Arkane Snow Magazine (, Transworld Snowboarding (, Manik Skateboards (, and Dada Skateboards.