Elan is proud to announce the official launch of Artec Snowboards as an independent snowboard brand focused on pushing the boundaries of freestyle snowboarding technologies and designs.

Originally conceived in 2004, The Artec Project by Elan began life as a sub-series of Elan Snowboards. Over the course of the last three years, The Artec Project has won over the critics, picking up several awards in recognition of innovative triumphs including the patented Omega Sidecut and Artec Blueprint.

Artec’s gathering momentum, a steady growth in popular demand and key personnel additions have made the next step in the project’s development both exciting and inevitable. The time has come to launch Artec Snowboards in its own right as a standalone brand.

With former pro shred Blaise Rosenthal onboard as the newly-named Artec Creative Director, Artec Snowboards has wasted no time in assembling one of the most exciting teams of professional riders. Supported by an exceptional collection of 07-08 snowboard models and backed up by a strong marketing campaign, the Artec pro team including Gabe Taylor, Nima Jalali, Laura Hadar, Jake Devine, Gus Engle and Johnny Miller will ensure that Artec maintains a high level of media exposure and strong brand image. The diversity of this group of freestyle riders also provides Artec with the range of talent required to test the boundaries of contemporary equipment and collaborate in the revolutionary design developments of tomorrow.

The 08 collection, available fall 07, will feature eight models to meet the demands of a wide range of freestyle riders, including the Gabe Taylor Pro series, the Laura Hadar-endorsed Vixen and the ground- breaking 4.1 boasting its asymmetrical Omega Sidecut and superior twin design characteristics. Meanwhile, promotion of Artec Snowboards in 07-08 will include the Artec website www.artecsnowboards.com and press ads in leading trade publications such as Transworld Snowboarding and Transworld Business. Added to that, Artec is a proud sponsor of the new MDP ‘We’re People Too’ and Autumn Line Productions snowboard videos, available fall 07.

With all that thrown into the mix, Artec Snowboards is poised to make an immediate impact in the snowboarding world. The Artec brand philosophy, based on constant progression, represents an ever-present influence in an industry where lower manufacturing overheads have all- too-often taken precedence over design advancement and quality. In order to communicate the nature of this philosophy fully, we end this announcement with a statement from Blaise Rosenthal, and one that serves to underline his vision for the brand:

“In the past, I’ve worked with brands that were essentially an expression of the tastes and needs of a specific group of riders. With Artec, the brand represents a concept that is far greater than any team, individual or style. The foundation of Artec lies in the concept that we can create positive experiences through the unrelenting pursuit of achieving our greatest potential. The result of this commitment is Artec – where the fusion of Art and Technology creates the ultimate snowboarding experience.” – Blaise Rosenthal

For more information, visit www.artecsnowboards.com