Artec Art Contest Announces Winners

We were asking all creative creatures out there to come up with their own favorite board graphics for a custom made deck. Now, after receiving more than 300 submissions and a detailed evaluation by

Aleksi Vanninen, we are proud to present the 3 winners and the top ten designs. Aleksi Vanninen, our long-time International Team rider, was chosen to be the head judge of this Art Contest since he has an in-depth design background being involved in various projects such as lately, designing the AV LTD board. At the end of a thourough evaluation session, Aleksi went for the following boys to be put into the spot light:

1st place: Chris Janetzki from Germany.Chris wins a custom- made AV LTD. He will be able to put his own graphics on his personlized AV LTD by himself in the Elan factory. Watch out: We will follow up the story on the Elan Snowboards website.

2nd place: Martin Sanne Kristiansen from Norway.

3rd place: Wimer Hazenberg from The Netherlands.

Both, Martin and Wimer win a AV LTD with Aleksi Vanninen´s tag. You can check out the top ten designs at: and Aleksi’s limited edition board AV LTD info at: .

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all participants from Elan Snowboards. See you again in fall of 2005 for more creative activities on the web.

For more info about Elan Snowboards go to .