Arc ‘D X Games

What do you think? Is Circe just getting cabin fever or were the X Games really that bad?

This column was originally titled “Another Day in Paradise” with the idea that I would have a wonderful exciting winter–an opportunity to share some of my experiences with readers and bring you into the world of a very lucky traveling freerider. Maybe I’d even add another angle to this contest heavy web site.

Well, about two weeks ago that whole concept came to a schreecing halt. A cat track transfer to torn ACL at Island Lake ended my season. I am a firm believer in the idea that things happen for a reason and I am slowly figuring out what that means.

My life is special and even laid up post-op and in pain, not a minute goes by that I am not grateful for the things I have and the life I lead. On the other hand, being injured totally sucks. Being dependent on friends and unable to do the things I love almost as much as life itself is very difficult. Doing what we do as professional snowboarders, injuries are a part of the game and it’s all how you deal with them that determines the outcome. It is not my first knee injury and with each ordeal I learn more about myself and the things that are truly important to me.

Speaking of what’s important to me, I’ve been watching a bit of this X-Games crap the past few weeks. It’s quite entertaining but I’m constantly irritated that this is the way that all of America is introduced to the sport of snowboarding. Give me a break. It is completely coordinated to television and I am sorry, but when they cut from Men’s Boardercross to mini ski (or whatever it’s called) highlights, we got a problem.

The only thing that really impressed me at all was Peter Line’s slopestyle run: the kid is amazing. Palmer winning run in the snowmobile heat was spectacular. Now that was true racing excitement and I have to give it to that gifted asshole! Is he the best athlete in the world? No, but he is one cocky, coordinated son of a bitch.

Skier cross was fun, but I could have done without the Mosely show. Excuse my bitterness, I mean I know I am a horrible competitor so I really have no right to talk.

The first X Games I attended I was scared for my physical well being in the Boardercross and completely choked and then had the worst halfpipe run in my entire life. The cameramen and ESPN people were so mean that they made me want to cry and I swore I would never attend this event again. My opinion would be much different if I was more capable of hucking myself on boiler and winning X Games gold medals. But I ain’t and from the couch it really makes snowboarding look really dumb.

I totally respect these riders’ abilities to perform under that kind of pressure and horrible conditions. Sorry Sal, Jamieson and G.T., but you’re not really doing us any favors. I love all three of you, but that older dorky guy dominated all of the interviews and just when you had the opportunity to say something interesting he would take over! Who is that guy anyway?

In a sport that has a significant portion of the market supported by women I was disappointed there wasn’t a female commentator. Props to Tara Dakidas who is pushing the women’s envelope. Every friend I talked to said that itt was dangerous in Crested Butte and that TV spots were more important than athletes’ safety. Most athletes in my opinion don’t want to attend this event at all, however, with sponsor pressure and the opportunity for huge mainstream coverage I guess this is what it takes make a living snowboarding these days.

On that note I think Jimi Scott winning the pipe is a very significant statement about this event and snowboarding moves laterally once again.

Thank God they solved that NBA lock out! Maybe it is another day in paradise after all.