Arbor Ambassador Team rider and former U.S. Openhalfpipe champion Rob Kingwill has taken the acclaimed Arbor Mystic to a new level by providing both the inspiration and the photography for the new graphic and also copious amounts of input for the upgraded shape and flex.

The new ’06 graphic, to be unveiled this month at SIA, is a swirling vortex of ravens over a deep red orange sunset. Rob took all the photos for the board last summer while riding Mt. Hood. “I call ’em mountain chickens, said Rob. “Ravens are really the true pranksters and they’re always doing these crazy aerial maneuvers. It’s such great symbolism for the board.

Over the years, the Arbor team has become increasingly involved with every aspect of the company and the Mystic graphic is a great representation of this. Integrating the team into the creative and design processes of Arbor allows the riders to express themselves both on snow and through the final product. As a rider owned and operated company, Rob’s graphics reinforce how integral the team is to the drive and creativity behind Arbor.

“Arbor is fortunate to have such an amazing, well-rounded team of riders, said Arbor co-founder Bob Carlson. “It’s great to involve the team in all aspects of the board development process; everywhere from perfecting designs to developinggraphics that really tie into the experiences behind the boards. When Rob brought this idea to us, we couldn’t have been more into it.

The Arbor Mystic is a technical park/pipe oriented freestyle board best known for its unique bamboo reinforced core that gives the board huge pop and a lively ride. The ’06 Mystic is a hybrid-cap constructed board with a tri-radial sidecut and a directional twin shape and flex. “This board is so rad, said Rob, who has been riding the board in the pipe and powder of Jackson and Park City.  “It’s the best board I’ve ever ridden. I freaking love this board.

Arbor Snowboards been in the grind since ’95, feeding diversity with an alternative line of boards unlike anything else on the market. Arbor’slong-standing mission is to improve board durability, performance, and style with an array of environmentally friendly natural materials, proven construction methods, and unique designs.