Arbor Opens Retail Showroom In Venice, CA

For 10-years, Venice based Arbor has grown into a leading snow and skate brand based on the idea that environmentally friendly natural elements can be used to create improved performance, increased durability, and a compelling level of style. Now for the first time, Arbor’s full line of snowboards, skateboards, and apparel can be viewed at the Company’s new retail showroom.

The new Arbor store is located in the heart of Venice, at 102 Washington Blvd., one block off the Venice Pier. It is situated in the front part of the building that has served as Arbor’s home for the last two years – a classic Venice structure that previously housed the Roller Disco era skate shop, Skatey’s. Rumor has it that the building was moved to its current location in the late 1940’s from the legendary Pacific Ocean Pier (P.O.P.), where it was the amusement park’s first funhouse.

The Arbor store, which is open to the public, was designed to set a merchandising standard for the brand. The complete Arbor line is displayed in the most accessible way possible. All of the Company’s natural technologies are in full view, including:

• Snowboards made with wood and bamboo topsheets, wood inlays, bamboo and diamondwood reinforced cores, and cork damping stringers.

• Skateboards made with koa wood, bamboo, and hand made stringer-style decks.

• Shirts made with bamboo fiber and organic cotton.

“The store is a great way for people to check out the brand and learn about Arbor’s unique message, said Bob Carlson, Arbor’s co-founder. “We want the skate, snow, and surf community to understand the value that natural fibers can bring to the products we use every day. Arbor works hard to make snowboards, skateboards, and apparel that people are proud to own, whether purchased at our new store or at any of Arbor’s authorized dealers. To that end, visitors can grab a catalog and a worldwide list of those dealers who carry Arbor.

The store was built using many of the same natural materials that the Company utilizes in its products. Bamboo, an incredibly green, renewable material, was used on the walls and floors. Reclaimed koa wood snowboard tops were selected for the casework, leaving a history of Arbor’s well-known crest logo spread throughout the store. Koa is the wood that the Hawaiians used 1,000 years ago to build the first surfboards, and a material at the heart of Arbor’s efforts.

Since 1995, Arbor’s mission has remained unchanged – feed diversity with an alternative line of natural products unlike anything else on the snow, skate, and apparel market.