Arbor brings denim & free music for Fall/Winter




Venice, CA – October 6, 2010 – The Arbor Collective is pleased to announce that its 2010/11 line of Fall/Winter bamboo apparel has hit stores. The new apparel collection, made almost exclusively from bamboo-based fabrics, features Arbor’s men’s and women’s tees and cut n sew pieces, men’s boardshorts and their all-new bamboo-based denim for men and women. “We use bamboo as a basis of most of our apparel because we fell it provides the best combination of eco and performance benefits, more than any other raw material available,” said Arbor’s apparel sales manager, Drew Hopkins. “Our latest line of apparel is Arbor’s best yet, from the artist collaboration graphic tees to the expansion into cut n sew, this line has something for everyone. One of the most exciting new categories is denim. No one, to our knowledge, has successfully launched bamboo-based denim and ours turned out amazing. The cut is just right and the feel of the fabric is insanely comfortable. The response has been great.” The release also includes accessories such as their famous reclaimed-wood buckle and belt combos along with hats and beanies made from bamboo.
This year, as an added bonus, Arbor’s men’s and women’s Artist Series tees include a music download hangtag with FREE music from The Bouncing Souls, Mason Jennings, Nico Vega, Trevor Hall, Crash Kings, Joshua James, ALO, Shane Dwight, White Buffalo, Go Motion, Cliff Wagner & Old #7, Peter Goetz <> , MK&GENTLEMEN, and Danger Muffin all at . “The surf, skate and snow lifestyle wouldn’t be complete without the influence of music,” said Hopkins. “It’s been really fun partnering with bands on this project who are up and coming and those who have been established for 20 years. It’s pretty cool to bring music into the Arbor Collective and the cross-promotion just makes at lot of sense for both sides.”

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Arbor was founded in 1995 on the assertion that solutions to many of today’s most difficult snow, skate, and apparel design challenges exist in the natural world. For 14 years, Arbor has built on the belief of replacing, environmentally harmful materials with ecologically based, natural alternatives. Arbor’s goal is to create a higher level of function and relevance in the most responsible way possible. The end result must be improved style and performance, with significantly reduced impact on the environment. “We all need clean air to skate, clean water to surf, and snow to ride…”