Mammoth Mountain and AR4T turn a new page in snowboarding and cultural history with the creation of the first ever art inspired terrain park. Features include jumps, rails and boxes, custom “jib-able sculptures”. All will be created by some of the worlds most progressive artists – Art Park is intersection of form, function and fun. This new type of artistic expression is interactive and open to anyone that likes are and would like to utilize new and creative features. The park will be curated by AR4T in conjunction with The JLA Project.

Art park opens in Mammoth December 18 during the annual Mammoth Night of Lights weekend. Fittingly, the first show in the park is in honor of Mammoth legend, Jeffrey Lin Anderson – an artist and snowboarder who passed away in 2003 at age 23, who forever left his mark on the world. The paintings from I AM SNOWBOARDING, a collaborative art exhibit in honor of Jeff’s 30th birthday that traveled the world in 2010 and continues into 2011 will be brought to life in this ground breaking rip-able art park.

The opening launch party at Hyde Lounge in The Village at Mammoth is slated for Friday December 17th from 9pm to 2am and will feature collaborative art pieces from the I AM SNOWBOARDING exhibit, music from DJ Rockwell, and raffle of a Stomping Grounds Evolution Park pass – a $499 value – with proceeds to the JLA Fund.

ABOUT I AM SNOWBOARDING: Traveling art exhibit in honor of Jeffrey Lin Anderson, as seen on FUEL TV, San Francisco Channel 2 News, Portland KOIN Channel 6 morning news, etc. and now featured in Unbound magazine, is “one of the most original events in snowboarding and art.” In honor of what would have been Jeff’s 30th birthday, a group of 44 world-renowned photographers and artists have come together to pay tribute to Jeff, and to raise money for the JLA Memorial Fund. Each image started with a photo of Jeff that was captured by someone who knew him well. The photo was enlarged onto canvas, and a separate artist then painted, or used a medium of his choice to create a unique collaborative work of art. The resulting pieces are one of a kind. The partnerships in this project are a tribute to the depth of the snowboarding, skateboarding and art communities. For info please visit All media inquiries:

ABOUT AR4T: Artists Republic for Tomorrow – is an art advocacy program where progressive creatives born from youth culture have a place to show their work and be supported with assistance in public outreach via newsletters, press, events. AR4T is a growing family, partnering with people who are working hard to make life visual and without boundaries. Our mission is to foster community spirit by creating relationships through art. It is our hope to plant our seed amongst a garden of others and provide a little more water to help this forest grow. The New Community Garden. All media inquiries:

ABOUT THE JLA PROJECT: The JLA Project is a non-profit organization created in 2003 by Jeff Anderson’s family to provide skate parks, art spaces and the tools that support children and young adults as they pursue their dreams in art, sport, and education. The JLA Project funds The Brothers Skate Park, 210 AR4T Space, and I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends programs.