With his unique style, Sage was considered an underdog in 2014, he hadn't won a competition in nine years. Riding his APO Iconic board, Sage completed a backside 1620 Japan for the first time ever, taking him straight to the top of the podium with an Olympic Gold.

“I was just stoked to be on the first-ever snowboard slopestyle team, and then to top it off with a medal, it being gold, first-ever slopestyle medal, fourth-ever American to have the first gold in the Games and then the first-ever one in Russia is just insane," said Sage Kotsenburg. "It's too much to take in almost.” 

The unlikely winner is now considered a hero in snowboarding, bringing back to the sport his passion, style and influence. Since his gold medal run, Sage has been on a media road show and has been featured on Jimmy Fallon, Conan, David Letterman, Rolling Stone Magazine and many more.