Antti Autti Recovering Well After Accident

14th December 2009, Helsinki, Finland – After some bad news last week from Breckenridge, Antti has dropped an update on of  current events and shredding in his Lapland home.

Antti’s latest video update comes from his pre-season shredding with friends in the Finnish hills of northern resort, Ruka. Antti dropped the details of his accident on late last week, as he was recovering in Hospital. The accident occurred while Antti was training with the Finnish team for the just completed Grandprix event at Copper Mountain in Colorado, USA.

While Antti was heading into his next trick in the pipe he hit a concealed bump throwing him off balance and over rotating into a McTwist, resulting his torso connecting hard with the edge of the pipe and bouncing onto his back into the flat at the bottom of the pipe.

The result was three cracked ribs, 20% collapsing of his lung and damage to his spleen.

Antti is in high spirits post his injury and is recovering well with an estimated minimum of a month out of Snowboarding. It is as yet unknown what impact this will have on his Olympic campaign for 2010.

“The doctors have given me a minimum of a month to three months.” Said Antti from Breckenridge over the weekend. “My ribs and lung at this point are not the major issue, it is the damage to my spleen and how severe that is. I won’t know further on this until I return to Finland and consult with the Finnish Olympic team doctor after having an MRI. In any case I have plenty to keep me busy over the recovery period with my website and the impeding release of my board brand A+ in January.”

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