Anton Pogue Signs with Nokia

Portland, Maine — Carlisle Sports Management announced today a renewed deal between Nokia and Anton Pogue, the top ranked U.S. overall FIS alpine rider in the world.

Pogue is one of three U.S. riders to be chosen as part of Nokia’s worldwide athlete roster. Fifteen athletes from various countries and regions including Japan, Canada and Europe make up the roster.

Nokia is building on last year’s successful relationship with Pogue (its only deal with an American athlete in 98/99) and stepping up its athlete associations this year to help support its primary snowboarding effort ¿ title sponsorship of the Nokia Snowboard FIS World Cup. “Nokia was very pleased with Anton last year and wanted to develop a way to expand its support of athletes ¿ and do this in a way that would support Nokia’s other snowboarding efforts,” said Stuart Flowers, Account Director at Worldwide Promotions in Belgium ¿ the agency representing Nokia Mobile Phones sponsorships. “We decided to develop our snowboarding platform by associating with sponsoring athletes from a variety of riding disciplines around the world,” he continued.

Pogue continues to appeal to Nokia because of his “outgoing personality, great ability to deal with the media and the fact that he gets on the podium,” Flowers said. “Anton is a natural with the media and his personality fits in very well with Nokia’s positioning.”

As for Pogue, he couldn’t be happier: “Nokia is doing an outstanding job in their sponsorship efforts. They really take things the extra mile and include me in lots of activities.” Nokia brought Pogue to Chile and Argentina this past summer to participate in some events that helped to promote both of them together. “This is a much different sponsor than others I’ve worked with… they are really progressive and very interested in finding new ways to bring attention to themselves through working with me. I don’t just have a sticker on my board or helmet,” he concluded.

Pogue, 31, lives in Hood River, Oregon and trains at a variety of mountains with the U.S. Snowboard Team. He has plans to participate in a full schedule of alpine competitions around the world this season.

Carlisle Sports Management is an athlete management and marketing company specializing in alternative sports.