On April 26th our International Team Rider Anssi Manninen hurt himself seriously while filming with the Alterna Crew in Colorado for their current project “Shrediquette”. Anssi was spinning a Cab 9, over rotated and caught his backside edge when landing. He slammed hard on his neck and broke one of his cervical vertebras. Thanks to the experienced ski patrols at the Winter Park resort, Anssi was given the appropriate aid and brought to the hospital immediately. The doctors felt that in consideration of the seriousness of his injury Anssi was very lucky even to survive the slam without becoming paraplegic. The doctors operated immediately and had to fix three cervical vertebras with screws and metal plates that will fix his cervical spine for the rest of his life.

We are tremendously relieved hearing that the doctors are very satisfied with the way the operation went and that they are surprised by Anssi’s fast recovery. He had to stay Anthony central hospital in Denver until today and will now fly back home to Finland. If you would like stay informed about Anssi and his recovery process, we will regularly update the team blog on www.elansnowboards.com. You can reach Anssi by mail by using the “ask the pro”-feature on his team page of our website as well. He says he would really enjoy getting mails from his snowboarding friends around the world. Anssi is thinking positive and he is really confident to be back next season for sure.

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