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February 4, 2015 (Sausalito, Calif.) – Fred Water and Annie Boulanger were introduced a couple years ago at Baldface Lodge, and their relationship has grown to the point of Annie being an official contributor.  All along her journey to becoming one of the world's most accomplished female freeriders, Annie has had the motto "Do you love it?" and the more involved she has been with the pocket-friendly Fred Water Flask, the more she's loved it.

Annie has taken her own path showing the world that it is possible for a woman to have a career in the backcountry by filming with the guys.  She's won the respect of the men she films with and taken the “Women's Rider of the Year” and the “Women's Video Part of the Year” at the Transworld SNOWboarding’s Rider's Poll Awards.  After annual parts with Absinthe from '07-11, a part in "Never Not" and her full part online last year she shows no signs of slowing down!

Did you see Annie in the video revealing the Fred Water Flask?  Click here to see her in it with Joe Sexton and Scott Stevens:

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About Fred Water:
Founded by two guys in Brooklyn, Fred Water is on a mission to reverse America’s staggering obesity trend by helping consumers drink more water and less sugar. The company creates pocket-friendly, refillable flasks designed to make water more convenient to carry and way cooler to drink. Whether selecting Fred Water filled, empty or the new stainless, Fred backs drinking water — even from free sources — because promoting water over sugary beverages is sustainable. The direction the industry is headed today is not.

Fred is sold in retailers nationally and online via FREDWATER.COM.

Hydrate & Conquer. Refill & Respect.