Falls Creek Australia and the warm up day of the three star WORLD TOUR TTRevent Stylewars and most riders were arriving today but a handful of themarrived last night and sessioned the park today.

By midday riders were practicing for speed to hit the huge jump, which had aknuckle distance of 36.5 meters (120 feet). No one wanted to step to thejump until Andy Finch rocked up had one practice run for speed and thenheaded full tilt into the beast.

“I decided during the second run in to the kicker to just go for it. I hadto hit it today, I couldn’t sit there with such a huge kicker and not hit itall day, you never know in Australia, tomorrow the weather may come in andwe might never hit it. Andy said.

On his first hit Andy launched a straight air that measured 50 metres (159feet), to the sweet spot of the landing.

On the second hit at full speed he caught an edge on the slushy take off andwas ejected from the 6 meter (18 foot) high take off ramp to total flat halfway to the landing, flat on his back. Astoundingly he was ok. “My edges justsunk in during take off, it felt like my nose just buckled at the speeds,Andy explained.

A salt session ensued and Andy stepped back to it, Andy describes, “It wasso fast that the wind in the air makes such a huge difference, like if youdid an indy and boned the nose the wind can grab you and tip you over thefront. So I was trying a few backside 180’s and really leaning into the windin the air.

Stylewars officially starts tomorrow with the first of three days.

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www.stylewars.com.auENDS1. Rudi Kroell from Mayrhoffen, Austria. Indy on a hip warm up session.2. Andy Finch Backside 180 Japan. Notice where the knuckle is — far bottomleft.