LAAX, Switzerland (Jan. 17, 2008) — Americans Jamie Anderson and Shaun White dominated today’s slopestyle finals at the Burton European Open, both claiming the first BEO championship titles of their careers. Jamie and Shaun each earned $10,000 USD, 1000 TTR Ranking Points and 8000 points toward the Burton Global Open Series Championship Title, which awards $100,000 to both the male and female BGOS point leaders after the US Open.

“It’s rad to be in Europe because I don’t get over here that often, said Shaun White. “The slopestyle course here was really challenging and so was the weather earlier in the week. When I first started riding the course here, I didn’t really like any of the runs I was putting together. But today, the sun came out and I was feeling it. I thought about what I wanted my ideal run to be, and then I went for it in the finals. It’s a great feeling to win and I’m happy with the results.

Ideal weather conditions made today’s Swatch TTR SIX(6) STAR slopestyle competition even more fun for the riders, who each had three chances to put together a winning run. In the women’s competition, it was critical for the ladies to choose the big kicker lines in order to make it into the top three. Jamie Anderson (USA) took the lead after her first run and never let go of it, executing an impressive run with a tailslide-to-fakie on the down box, half Cab over the gap, feeble rock-to-fakie on the skate ramp, switch frontside boardslide on the down box, alley-oop handplant to fakie on the quarterpipe and continuing on to the big kicker line with a Cab 5 on the first jump, a frontside 360 melon on the second kicker and finishing up with a super smooth backside 180 mute. Currently in second place in the Swatch TTR Ranking List, Jamie is on a major winning streak in the Burton Global Open Series, earning first place finishes in the 2007 US Open slopestyle, 2007 Garnier Fructis Australian Open slopestyle and now her first ever BEO slopestyle title. New TTR Number 1 Jenny Jones (GBR) took a very close second place, choosing the big kicker lines and stomping huge backside and frontside 360s. In third place it was Silvia Mittermueller (GER), whose strong first run secured her a spot on the BEO podium.

“It’s my first time at the Burton European Open and it rocks, said Jamie Anderson. “It was a super fun contest and I’m really stoked to win, especially because there are so many good riders here like Cheryl Maas and Torah Bright who are riding on a super high level. I can’t wait to put the prize money towards a new house, as soon as I figure out where I want to live.

In the men’s competition, everyone did their best to put together a run that could beat Shaun White (USA), but he was once again unbeatable. The only person who could top Shaun was Shaun himself, whose second run outscored his first, ensuring his first ever Burton European Open championship title. Shaun’s winning run was ridiculously smooth and technical, starting things off with a frontside 270 on the down box to a frontside boardslide-to-fakie out, gap to half Cab, backside disaster on the skate ramp, boardslide to frontside 270 out on the downbox, an amazing frontside 900 on the quarterpipe and finishing things up with a frontside 1080 stalefish on the first kicker, a backside 900 mute on the second kicker and ending things with a Cab 1080 melon. The three Americans in the men’s slopestyle finals ended up taking over the podium, with TTR New Number 3 Chas Guldemond (USA) taking second place and Tim Humphreys (USA) earning third place.

Tomorrow is the final day of the 2008 BEO and will be packed with action, including the men’s and women’s halfpipe finals, the BEO male and female overall rider award ceremony and the latest Swatch TTR Ranking List. The male and female rider with the best scores from slopestyle and halfpipe finals will go home with the keys to a new Suzuki Grand Vitara Freeride car.

Women’s Slopestyle Finals Results

Name Nationality Sponsor Points

1 Jamie Anderson USA SALOMON 69.00

2 Jenny Jones GBR BILLABONG 67.67

3 Silvia Mittermueller GER OAKLEY 65.17

Men’s Slopestyle Finals Results

Name Nationality Sponsor Points

1 Shaun White USA BURTON 81.00

2 Chas Guldemond USA DC 74.17

3 Tim Humphreys USA FLOW 73.83

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Friday, January 18: Live Morning Show 11:15-11:45 CET/5:15-5:45 a.m.ET

Friday, January 18: Halfpipe Finals 11:45-14:45 CET/5:45-8:45 a.m.ET

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