Anderson & Rice Win 2007 U.S. Open Slopestyle

South Tahoe’s Jamie Anderson beat out Torah Bright and British rider Jenny Jones to win the U.S. Open Slopestyle at Stratton Mountain, Vermont. Finland’s Janne Korpi and Burton rider Shaun White were runners up to Travis Rice, who won the men’s title.

Nothing Closes The Open

Two days of rain turned to snow for today’s U.S. Open Slopestyle. Riders willed their way out of bed for a morning that included both qualifiers and semi-finals, prior to the finals. Runs of solid ice softened slightly thanks to a steady pour from God’s saltshaker, and sixteen men and eight women landed themselves a spot in the show.

Flow’s Scotty Lago (say it: “Lay-go”), came out of the semi finals on top (Flow teammates Antti Autti and New England’s Tim Humphreys also made the final), as did Salomon rider Jenny Jones, who’s back after a two-season hiatus.

Chas Guldemond-who finished second to Shaun in the 2006 Open Slopestyle-broke out his ten to make the finals on a DC board.

Eat Your Knees

By the time the best-of-three runs final came around, most riders couldn’t make even the first jump because of the fresh falling snow. The superstars of snowboarding stopped short, clowned around, and skipped features altogether in the name of avoiding knee surgery or dental work. Those who didn’t were rolling the dice. Almost every rider fell, only to end up mid-course and without speed. Heikki Sorsa made the most of it on an early (semi-final) run. He unbuckled his back foot for a one-footed frontside three-may as well.

Wiig, Autti, Pearce, Oksanen, and even Lago, couldn’t put together a finals run. Dakides and Beaman hit the brakes before making a go at jump one.

Best Of Three

Speed came to Jamie Anderson-the youngest rider in the women’s field-somehow. She cleared the jumps and landed a Cab 5 (which also won her Best Trick). Down for Jamie? We are too. Travis Rice included a boardslide, Rodeo seven, front seven, back five for a no-big-deal win. What’s twenty grand when you ride for Quik?


U.S. Open Men’s Slopestyle
1. Travis Rice
2. Janne Korpi
3. Shaun White
4. Heikki Sorsa
5. Tim Humphreys
6. Antti Autti
7. Mikkel Bang
8. Chas Guldemond
9. Kevin Pearce
10. Matts Kulisek
11. Pat Moore
12. Andreas Wiig
13. Jussi Oksanen
14. Nate Sheehan
15. Iouri Podladtchikov
16. Scotty Lago

U.S. Open Women’s Slopestyle
1. Jamie Anderson
2. Torah Bright
3. Jenny Jones
4. Claudia Fliri
5. Sylvia Mittermüller
6. Spencer O’Brien
7. Hana Beaman
8. Tara DaKides