Anderson Beats Haak in Mt. Baker Qualifier

Rain, rain, and more rain didn’t keep Billy Anderson of Mammoth Lakes, California from laying down the fastest time during qualification rounds of the 14th Annual Legendary Mt. Baker Banked Slalom.

Although locals couldn’t stop bragging about how epic the snow was up until yesterday, temperatures rose above freezing early Friday morning and haven’t dropped since.

Despite the unfavorable conditions, over 250 competitors showed up to compete in one of snowboarding’s longest running events. The list is impressive and includes last year’s winners Rob Morrow and Karleen Jeffery as well as Terje Haakonsen, Jamie Lynn, Temple Cummins, Todd Schlosser, Andy Hetzel, Temple Cummins and Allan Clark to name a few.

The course remained surprisingly fast even with the sticky conditions. The soft pack snow had the potential to make the course a rutted nightmare, but instead, proved to be advantageous. A single track was worked in by the first competitors in the morning and was followed by nearly every other person down the course.

“As long as you stayed in the ruts and out of the sticky snow, thecourse was quick,” said Tom Gilles, a first time competitor outfrom Lake Tahoe.

The weather report is calling for much of the same for Saturday, with a chance of clearing in time for Sunday’s finals. The town of Glacier, the closest town to Mt. Baker, has been put on flood alert.

Preliminary rounds will continue on Saturday, before the field of finalist are chosen for Sunday.


Pro Men
1. Billy Anderson – 1.16.21
2. Terje Haakonsen – 1.16.53
3. Thomas Ligonnet – 1.17.28
4. Matt Goodwill – 1.17.60
5. Allan Clark – 1.17.81
5. Justin Mooney – 1.17.81
7. Peter Bauer – 1.17.91
8. Josh Dirsksen – 1.17.94
9. Temple Cummins – 1.18.31
10. Rob Morrow – 1.18.56

Pro Women
1. Karleen Jeffery – 1.22.37
2. Sally Szymanizk – 1.23.74
3. Marguerite Cossetini – 1.27.73
4. Candace Drouin – 1.30.21
5. Wendy Wyvill – 1.30.25
6. Marcie Brown – 1.30.57
7. Dawn Fidler – 1.30.60
8. Jen Tofte -1.31.42
9. Kyra Byram – 1.31.99
10. Star Quinn – 1.32.56